Testimonials & Reviews


Dr. Malotky is an outstanding surgeon. I am a retired rn who worked primarily in the OR, pre-op and post-op settings. I have very high standards for healthcare providers. Five stars are not enough for Dr. Malotky. He goes above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome. He and his staff show compassion and kindness at all times. I highly recommend Dr. Malotky for anyone with plastic surgery needs. You will not be disappointed.
— Janine Herman

I rarely write reviews, but wanted to make sure people in the north state know about Dr. Max Malotky when considering plastic surgeons. I am 8 weeks post-op and absolutely thrilled with the results of my bilateral mastopexy!! My recovery has been seamless and my expectations exceeded! I realize not everyone has such a great outcome, but the odds are so much improved by choosing an excellent surgeon! Thank you Dr. Max and staff for your commitment to your patients and providing the best outcome possible!
— Chris

I had breast augmentation 18 years ago by a well-known surgeon at a plastic surgery center in Savannah, GA. Since then, I’ve had three pregnancies, breast feeding all three children. I was in need of some help to say the least. I live in a small town now and assumed my options were rather limited here, so I pushed off the thought of “reconstruction”... thinking it just could not happen at this time in my life. Then I met Dr. Max Malotky. Let me mention that I am an RN who has previous surgery nursing experience. All that to say, I have never worked with or beside such a surgeon as Dr. Max. He was so compassionate, understanding, able to connect while also undeniably at the top of his class. Usually those two gifts don’t go together well. You might have one a little more than the other. This is just not true with Dr. Max though. He was more than I would have known to ask for (and I knew what to ask for). Having a procedure like this is an exposing and vulnerable experience... but it’s also an exciting and nerve wracking experience! In meeting my needs for all these 4 areas, I wholeheartedly give Dr. Max an 11 out of 10. REALLY! I was heard, seen as an individual, cared for and not to mention given the best cleavage ever, unlike my results from my previous surgery! His skills could easily thrive in a big city, and his heart could be forever reconstructing broken things, but I am so glad this little town got all his attention and energy. I expect Redding to become the place to come for cosmetic surgery because of this man.
— @madhope

Dr. Malotky is fantastic. His office is very responsive, his surgical skill is very good. I am so pleased with the results of my breast reduction. I can’t believe I waited so long to get it done but glad I did so that I could have Dr. Malotky as my surgeon. I highly recommend him and his team.
— anonymous

Dr. Malotky is great. He has a real passion for what he does and strives to give his patients the best possible results. Additionally, his staff is very supportive & like your own personal cheerleaders. I’ve had one procedure so far & am already making plans for the next one. Having never had anything cosmetic done before, I was nervous about the outcome but given my results at 6 weeks post-op, I would recommend any procedure with Dr. Malotky a thousand times over.
— Jana Garcia

I’ve been thinking how I was going to write this review. I don’t have many words besides... absolutely amazing! I literally couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Dr. Max and his staff are so compassionate and kind! And they actually care about your well being! My dad had a heart attack the day of my surgery so I was even more nervous for my surgery and Dr. Max made me feel comfortable and assured me everything would be ok. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Max for any procedure!
— Anonymous

Attention to detail, compassionate bedside manner, effective results, accommodating, discreet. I could keep listing the benefits of Dr. Max and his staff but the proof is in the pudding. He changed my life. #Maximized
— Alena Clark

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Malotky and his staff. I had a tummy tuck earlier this year with rectus plication, and I have also had various fillers performed by Dr. Malotky. I had gone to a few different surgeons for consults but once I went to Malotky office I knew I had found the one. He listened to my needs, thoroughly explained how we would correct my concerns and his passion for his craft shines through. He uses the latest evidence-based practice, implements great infections prevention protocol, and is always available for questions or concerns post procedure. Not only is he passionate about what he does, his work speaks for itself, my tummy looks amazing and my confidence has tremendously increased. I also enjoy every visit to his office as his staff are just as friendly and caring as Dr, they make it feel like visiting old friends any time I go in for an appointment. I can’t wait to book my next procedure.
— mizlopez05

Great experience with Dr Malotky. I came to Dr Malotky after having 2 kids and not feeling as confident as I once did. Dr Malotky and his staff treated me with kindness and compassion pre and post op! I’m so happy with my results and glad I went with Dr Malotky at Summit Plastic Surgery!
— winterburn26

I have had large breasts my entire life. I have been self conscious, uncomfortable and had a very hard time finding self love because of it. But more than that, the back/neck pain, the headaches from wearing a multiple layers of support. I went to Dr Malotky’s office for a consult for a breast reduction. From the moment I walked in the door, Everyone in the office was kind, and sweet, and caring. They have been nothing but supportive and amazing every step of the way. From dealing with insurance, surgery, and post op. Dr Malotky and his entire team have made this process smooth, and easier than I would have ever thought possible. Only a week post op and I am seeing such huge results that I would have never seen possible. I am standing straighter, No back/neck pain, no headaches, and they brought me down to a size that is proportional to my body and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am so happy with my results. I am far from healed and already beyond any expectations that I had going into this. I cannot thank you enough Max for everything. Your patience, your time, your expertise, and your passion for what you do. It truly shows in your work.
— Tiffany Boone

Dr. Malotky and his staff always upheld an impressive level of professionalism with every phone call and visit. My expectations for the amount of information and visual projections about my procedure were exceeded during pre and post op appointments. I will recommend Dr. Malotky to anyone seeking treatments that he offers. If I were to have another procedure, I would most definitely use Dr. Malotky. Overall I am extremely happy with my experience and results.
— Ilena Shortt

This doctor spent a long time with me and I never felt rushed. Dr. Malotky told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. I really appreciated his honesty. This is exactly what one needs with a plastic surgeon. His staff were also great. I will definitely be going back and would highly recommend him.
— Kathy McAleer

I had silicone breast implants for 40 years. I was also sick for many of those years.

In the 90s I was diagnosed with lupus, Lyme disease and more recently a rare autoimmune disease with vasculitis and neuropathy. Then I found other women with the same predicament and decided that I must have these removed.

I did so much research seeking the right plastic surgeon to help me. Some had years of experience but I was still not comfortable. I was also so afraid to have complete enbloc.

Then I found Dr. Malotky and his amazing and loving staff. I always feel welcome at the office. I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful physician and healer. . So I set up a consultation, He was so kind and compassionate and I could see he was very skilled and competent and knew his stuff. In my heart I felt if anyone could help me, he could. He sent me for many tests first to see what we were dealing with. He was very concerned and very careful. My implants were ruptured...all the silicone was leaking in my body. No wonder I was so sick all the time....

I had the surgery in September and we decided to do a lift at the same time. Dr. Malotky is not only a great physician, he is an artist. I love how everything turned out, I am actually amazed.

It was a difficult surgery. The implants were not even recognizable. The best thing about my surgical procedure experience is how great I am beginning to feel without the weight of those ruptured implants. I am actually feeling better physically every day.

Thank you Dr. Malotky, and your whole office, Kristine, Carly, Jane, you are the best, and Dr. Malotky is truly gifted surgeon.
— lillylangtree

I had a mommy make over on Dec 5th 2018. We did a tummy tuck with liposuction and breast augmentation. I am almost 2 weeks post op. I am so beyond happy and so is Dr where my results are already. Could not have asked for a better more caring Dr and his staff. Best experience ever. I have my body back after 4 kids (3 c sections) and a hysterectomy, my abdomen has been through a lot. I had quite a bit of extra skin which made me very self conscious. I am now in love with my body again. There is no price to be put on this feeling. My breast augmentation was a little work since I started out with very little room or breast tissue. They turned out amazing. If looking for a plastic surgeon who will take very good care of you and be there through every step this is the only one I would suggest. He pays very close to details before surgery, after surgery, precaution to lessen the chance of complications. I saw all other plastic surgeons in my town. I waited 12 years til I finally found one I could trust. Best choice of my life. He is everything you want in a Doctor.
— proudmomof4and1granddaughter

Dr. Max worked on me and I am so THRILLED!!! His staff is so friendly and professional!

Highly recommend Dr. Max!
— Barbara Cogle

What a WONDERFUL experience!!!! Coming to Dr. Malotky with a “blotched” reconstruction, he did an AMAZING job and I am over the moon with the results!!! His staff are so friendly that I was made to feel like family. I would highly recommend Dr. Malotky!!! FIVE STARS!!!
— Janis Powell

Dr Malotky did carpal tunnel release for me, he was very knowledgeable, kind, caring, great office staff.
Highly recommend
— Leslie Jones

Had an annoying and painful skin growth removed from my scalp after procrastinating for years. I’m glad I waited because Dr. Max is amazingly gentle and knowledgeable. Love the whole office, thank you so much!
— Sarah O'Dell

I recently had a double mastectomy. I haven’t completed my reconstruction surgery but the guidance, patience, and sincere care that Dr. Malotky provides is commendable. He does a great job ensuring that as a patient I am important; he listens to my concerns and addresses them until I am satisfied. I never feel rushed which is refreshing. I always feel like I have his full attention when he enters the room and I have every confidence that I will be happy with my result.

It seems only fair to add that Carly, his medical assistant is kind, friendly, smart and perfect fit for that office. Add a smiling, warm welcome from Kristine and it’s an office visit you actually look forward to during a very difficult time.

I highly recommend Dr. Malotky for Plastic Surgery. I would easily give him and his staff 5 stars.
— Sandra Grayson

Dr. Malotky and his staff were very helpful and kind to me throughout my time with them. He did an excellent job on my shoulder. He takes time at every appointment to answer all your questions. He sat with my husband and I right before surgery went over everything and made sure we felt good before rolling me back. I highly recommend Dr. Malotky and his wonderful staff. Thank you
— Melissa Jacona

I felt like the queen bee patient the way I was treated by both Dr. Max and his kind and professional team. The office is clean and classy and the staff warm and friendly with an “above and beyond attitude.” Dr. Max helped me make informed decisions and was generous with his time. This was a 10 star office experience from initial phone call to post visit follow up. They made me feel like a friend more than a patient. Good job Dr. M & Staff!
— Ashley Montrees

Went in for my consultation today! Very welcoming staff and assistant! Dr. Malotky made me very comfortable and was very thorough with my questions. He’s not a Dr. who is only looking to make money. He genuinely care about his patients being happy! Can’t wait to go back and finish the journey!
— Felicia Gould

Dr. Malotky and his staff were very cordial and professional. During my office visit Dr. Malotky took the time to explain my medical condition along with the best surgical treatment options based on the latest Clinical Practice Guidelines. My spouse and I felt very comfortable with Dr. Malotky. My surgery went well and I’m very pleased with the care provided by Dr. Malotky
— Ellen Lombardo

Wow!!! This office is AMAZING. I called on a Friday and got in on Monday with them working around my schedule. The doctor and staff made me feel so comfortable and spent time talking with me about what was best for me. Never felt rushed and Dr. Malotky was very knowledgeable and made me very comfortable . The staff was very pleasant and so kind. I highly recommend this beautiful office .
— Debarh O'reilly

My experience with Dr. Malotky and his staff was excellent. The staff from walking in the door until walking out were professional, kind, and friendly. Dr. Malotky gave me his undivided attention and time as he answered my questions, provided the examination, and offered great professional advice in my healing. I could feel he had my best interest at heart. So grateful for this experience and Dr. Malotky’s expertise and kindness.
— Shannon King

Wonderful office with very kind people. I went to Dr. Malotky for a consultation due to a medical issue and he made me feel very at ease even though I was feeling very nervous and borderline afraid to begin with. He was very knowledgeable and kind. 100% recommend both he and his staff. Office coordinator, medical assistant, everyone! If I ever need work done in the future, this will be the very first place I go to.
— Jessica Hines

Dr. Malotky is an incredible surgeon. His staff are the standard in service & 5 stars is not nearly enough to describe the treatment patients receive. I went in for a procedure that had been performed (twice) incorrectly. Dr. Malotky corrected the issues & my results are phenomenal. I only wish I’d known about him sooner.

If you’re looking for a surgeon with a genuinely compassionate bedside manner who has a great sense of humor & who is dedicated to an outstanding outcome, look no further. Excellence is the standard here & I received first class service at a small town price.
— Amber Van Sweden

Very professional with excellent and comfortable bedside manner. Explained my procedure in a way I could understand. Couldn’t ask for a better Doctor in our area.
— Debra Hathaway

I could not have been more pleased with my experience and final results following the care I received from Dr. Max Malotky. For decades I was bothered with the furrow between my brows that continued to deepen. I also was unhappy with some of the more significant creases that had been acquired over the last 60+ years. After a few nearly painless injections the issues I had with the age and sun related “problems” were for the most part eliminated. It was amazing to immediately see the changes he achieved. Please don’t hesitate to set up a consultation with Dr. Max. After treatment you will thank him every time you see your reflection or photograph!
— Dan Fristoe

I came to Dr. Malotky left with severe irregularities from another surgeon. Dr. Malotky was very honest in his assessment & told me the outcome of a revision would be better. Today marks a week & a half since the procedure & I can already see amazing results. Dr. Malotky’s staff sets the standard as to excellent service. Everyone is extremely kind & has a great sense of humor which is an aspect greatly lacking. Dr. Malotky has an excellent bedside manner & made me feel at ease.
— Amberlin

Had a bilateral mammoplasty reduction surgery yesterday, haven’t seen the results but I 11/10 would recommend. Had an amazing experience,and wasn’t once nervous for my surgery. Dr. Malotky made me feel comfortable, had great bedside manner and his attention to detail is outstanding, he listens to what I want. His staff at summit plastic surgery are some of the nicest people I met. Always remembering my name and greeting me a smile and answering any questions I have. I will update as soon as I see the results. But I have a feeling I’ll be extremely satisfied.
— Summer Kline

My experience with Dr. Malotky was exceptional. Never having Botox before, I was a little bit anxious to receive treatment, however Dr. Malotky was extremely thorough and answered all of my questions. He explained the risks and benefits, and I decided to move forward with his treatment recommendations. I am extremely happy with the outcome, and I will definitely be back for more!! Thank you Dr. Malotky!!
— @carly.dotson

Excellent experience with Dr. Malotky and staff. Friendly staff, clean and organized office. Dr. Malotky is very personable, knowledgeable and generous with his time answering questions. He will tell you what you need to hear & not necessarily what you want to hear. This is exactly what one needs in a plastic surgeon.
— @gretamarzipan

When we (my husband & I) first met Dr. Maloky, we weren’t sure what to expect. We were amazed at his wonderful bedside manners!!!!! He is so very thoughtful and caring. Always reassuring us he will be there by our side every step of the way! And has been since we first met him in January 2018, and he is still seeing us to make sure I keep healing as I should. He always wants the best for his patients! Thank you for all your hard work! And thank you for your beautiful work! ThankYou!!!!!!
— Mark & Marie Treanor

Dr. Malotky is an outstanding surgeon. I am a retired rn who worked primarily in the OR, pre-op and post-op settings. I have very high standards for healthcare providers. Five stars are not enough for Dr. Malotky. He goes above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome. He and his staff show compassion and kindness at all times. I highly recommend Dr. Malotky for anyone with plastic surgery needs. You will not be disappointed
— Anonymous

Its hard for a surgeon to acknowledge the skills of another (because we all think we are the best), but I was battling an issue in my dominant hand and decided to see Dr. Malotky over the other hand surgeons in town. His office staff were courteous and accommodating. Dr. Malotky was able to do this in his office, under local, working within my schedule. His technique for providing the local was painless with the block lasting hours longer than I would have imagined. I’ve recovered now, with minimal downtime, and with a hand that works flawlessly. I’ve found my plastic surgeon and am very happy to have him joining our community as he will be a tremendous asset for many years to come. I look forward to a symbiotic relationship as I get closer and closer to cutting back in 2023. Welcome home Dr. Malotky!
— @CSFWong

Dr. Malotky and his staff were very cordial and professional. During my office visit Dr. Malotky took the time to explain my medical condition along with the best surgical treatment options based on the latest Clinical Practice Guidelines. My spouse and I felt very comfortable with Dr. Malotky. My surgery went very well. I’m very pleased with the care provided by Dr. Malotky
— Anonymous

From my first appointment, Dr. Malotky has been great. He is so personable and takes time to explain everything. His staff has been very helpful and very pleasant. I would recommend him to anyone.
— Carl Willyard

Excellence! Melanoma is a scary topic. When diagnosed, I was referred to Dr. Malotky. He explained the situation, quickly scheduled a procedure, and performed it with amazing precision, making sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Thanks!
— Anonymous

Dr Max gave me back my femininity. He gave me level breasts and removed the nipple that was left. He gave me what I had taken away from me by cancer. Dr Max truly knows his stuff. I could not be happier. His love for what he does, giving women back what was taken from them, shows in his work. He is interested in his patient as a person and is always there to answer questions or calm the fear. Thank you Dr Max!!
— Pat D

Dr. Malotky spends a lot of time with his clients and is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.
— Anonymous

What a blessing to find Dr. Malotky. He removed a malignant melanoma from the side of my face. His knowledge and skill to deal with this reduced my fear and anxiety. He did a beautiful job of removing the culprit and closing a very large area. I am in the healing process and feel excellent about how it will look and heal with minimal visibility. The pathology reports came back good and I am confident that my long term results could not be better because of Dr. M’s skills. Love his staff.
— Bonnie Davis

Extremely compassionate and caring. He helped me choose the right size breast implants and walked me through every step of surgery. There’s no reason to go anywhere else for breast augmentation.
— Lauren

I got referred here for a wrist fracture. Great doctor and staff. A+
— Tyler Armstrong

Dr Max is very knowledgeable and he explained the pros and cons of the procedure. I did a nose filler and he’s very gentle. I like how my nose looks now. I highly recommend Dr Max cause he made my visits very comfortable.
— Anonymous